The economy is booming, and a growth in Louisiana’s businesses is on the radar for the upcoming months of 2019. With this spurt of companies, a need for commercial buildings with metal and flat roofs is on the rise!

According to the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, Baton Rouge–and the entirety of Louisiana–is in for a job numbers spike as more and more businesses open their doors.

“The Baton Rouge metro area will see the second-highest economic growth in the state in percentage growth, behind Lake Charles, and absolute growth, behind New Orleans,” the Business Report concluded. “The state is forecast to add 23,400 jobs in 2019, at a growth rate of 1.2 percent.”

As Louisiana’s vibrant economy grows, so does the amount of business buildings. If you are considering opening an office or facility, you are going to need a sound metal or flat roof over your head. Here are a few commercial roofing tips to think about as you start laying the foundation for a prosperous company:

1 – Do Roof Checkups

When we can’t get rid of a cough or sore throat, we seek help from a medical professional. The same line of thinking should be applied to a newly finished metal or flat roof.

Roofs can remain healthy through proper maintenance and routine checkups by the right people with the proper tools.

A healthy metal roof will save your company money on heating and cooling bills–the best medicine is prevention when it comes to your roof!

2 – Become Chatty

You can never talk too much when discussing your business’ roofing condition with a professional roofing company.

Roofers need to know every detail you’ve noticed about your facility, so they can conduct a thorough investigation.

Have you noticed any leaks, mold, dented metal or light coming through the ceiling or roof? The best time to tell your local roofer is immediately! The sooner a professional can find the problem, the faster they can form a diagnosis to fix it.

3 – Treat Your Roof Right

Many roofing problems can be avoided at the start:

  • Occasionally check for dints or tears in the metal.
  • Remove fallen limbs and trim nearby trees or large bushes.
  • Look for standing water, improper runoff or damaged gutters.

You can do your local roofers a big favor by taking care of your roof too!

4 – Seek the Best

You may be a gingerbread house making master, but we recommend a real professional when it comes to real roof situations for your business.

Let a certified roofing company take care of the problems your facility may face to ensure the job is done correctly the first time.

Keep working on perfecting that frosted, graham cracker roof for next Christmas.

We hope your business continues to grow with the rising economy. V & V Roofing looks forward to helping your company reach its maximum potential during these business-friendly years, so contact us today for our quality roofing services.

 Metal Roofing Repair & Installation Baton Rouge   Metal Roofing Repair & Installation Baton Rouge   Metal Roofing Repair & Installation Baton Rouge   Metal Roofing Repair & Installation Baton Rouge

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