Some would say scaling a multi-floor house in freezing conditions just to push off ice buildup on a roof to prepare for shingle installation is crazy–others, like experienced roofers, would say it’s just another day on the job.

Putting a new roof on a home or repairing leaks in the Winter does have its challenges, but, for the most part, the steps to a job well done are the same despite the season. However, there are things you need to be aware throughout the duration of the project:

You Do Not Want Moisture

On any given day, pulling up a roof and replacing it should go without a hitch. Unfortunately, operating in Winter conditions usually comes with precipitation in the form of frost, which will eventually turn back into water. Moisture causes problems in many calibers.

To remedy this, roofers should wait until the ice melts away. Working in cold conditions is not a problem, but water is! Keep an eye on the weather radar and schedule accordingly.

Ice Isn’t Always Nice

Another thing to consider is frost on equipment. According to The Roof Doctor, tools, such as nail guns, can malfunction, because of their susceptibility to the cold, which forces workers to manually hammer in nails.

Although this lengthens the time it takes to complete the project, everything can still be accomplished, because V & V Roofing manually places every nail.

Don’t Wait Too Long

If you plan to wait until Spring to work on your roof, it may be too late. The heating and cooling of your roof with the changing of seasons expands and contracts the shingles, making things much worse.

Leaks will become more common and any holes may grow bigger.

The time to fix the problem is now!

It’s never too chilly for us here at V & V Roofing! If you have a project or roof damage that needs repairs, contact us today. We’ll be ready for you.

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