Have you ever thought about getting your roof worked on during the Winter months? It may sound tricky, but experienced contractors say it can be done so long as everything is performed correctly and carefully.

Yup, Frost Can Save You Money!

Consult your chosen contractor about possible discounts for this time of year. Both labor and material costs are usually on the lower end when Winter comes around.

You can keep an extra few bucks for Christmas!

Take Care of Business Now

Leaks tend to only get worse with the passing of seasons especially from Winter to Spring. This is because roofs are continuously exposed to the cold of the season and warmth of the sun, which makes them expand and contract–this can turn your little problems into big problems quickly.

Get things done soon, so you won’t have to worry about them in the Spring. Future you will be very thankful!

Contractors are Always Looking for Chilly Day Work

When homeowners think roof projects, they think nice, warm Spring days. However, roofers renovate every season!

One of the biggest incentives to have your roof worked on in the Winter is scheduling. Because contractors do not receive too terribly many orders on the calendar during the icy months, they will probably work with you to pick out a timelier start and completion date.

Keep in Mind…

Not every contractor is an expert when it comes to working in the cold. Make sure you hire an experienced team that is comfortable maneuvering around slippery surfaces and chilly climates.

Also, work with your contractor to have your project completed in a timely and safe manner. If the weather gets too stormy or the ice becomes too slick, do not push your roofing team too hard. Rushing a job could lead to mistakes.

Don’t leave your family in the cold this Winter! Contact V & V Roofing for experienced roofers who can have your project done this season. Give us a call today.

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